About Us

The Team

@Dennis is a full-stack engineer and CTO. @Dave is a product person and CEO. Dave was employee 180 at Facebook, and was there through 2017. Dennis is a serial entrepreneur who built his first product at 15.

How we met

In the summer of 2018, we were both working in the offices of Combine.vc. Dennis was working at tokendaily, while Dave was trying to figure out what he wanted to do next. We wound up sitting next to each other, and bonded over our love of music, tech, soccer, and crypto.

Pretty soon, Dennis was giving Dave feedback on his ideas about building tech in the audio space, and we started hacking together on the weekends.

Later that fall, Token Daily was pivoting its product, and Dennis decided he wanted to look for something new. Dave was ready to build something new as well, and Wavechat was born!

Deciding on an idea

Dave and Dennis are tech veterans — we’ve built dozens of products over the last decade+. We knew the importance of building, as opposed to simply talking about an idea.

We used three main points to decide on an idea:

We ultimately decided to build a social network for short audio clips. We were both extremely interested in the audio space, we have familiarity with audio and social networking. We also found the market to be not only huge but also extremely fractured!

We also decided to build it on the web in order to create something as quickly as possible, and got to work!