Wavechat wins Product Hunt's Makers Festival: Snapchat Edition

Wavechat wins top prize!

What is the “Maker’s Festival”?

The Maker’s Festival is a competition that pits teams’ creative ability by to use Snap Kit to create products that excite and empower millions of Snapchatters.

If you win in one of the five amazing categories, you get a silver kitty trophy!

What is “Snap Kit”?

Snap Kit is Snap’s collection of developer tools that help third parties build integrations with Snapchat. Makers can bring some of Snapchat’s features into their own apps, as well as integrate their apps or websites into the Snapchat experience.

More than 450 apps have integrated with Snap Kit to date!

Wavechat - winner of the “Anything Else” Category!

This extra category has all the other inventive, crazy, wacky products Makers chose to build covered. We’re very excited to win a top prize, and love our “Silver Kitty” award!

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