There are lots of reasons you may want to change your voice. Maybe you want to troll your friends on Fortnite. Maybe you want to make a funny piece of content, and share via text message, or more broadly on social media. Maybe you’re concerned about privacy and safety, and don’t want people to know what you sound like.

Whatever the reason, let’s compare some of the options out there and see what’s best!

I want to share on Social Media (iPhone)

iOS Winner: Wavechat Runner up: Voicemod

It was close, but Wavechat just barely edges out Voicemod here. Some key features that give Wavechat the edge:

  • Auto-transcription. Wavechat automatically transcribes your as you speak them. Voicemod does not offer voice transcription.
  • Ease of use. Wavechat and Voicemod are both are easy to use, but the selection between filters on Voicemod was confusing and caused us to lose a few of our recordings.
  • Social Integration. Wavechat is much better in this department. Voicemod’s sharing to Social Media is limited, whereas Wavechat allows you to simply press a button and share directly to your Snapchat Story or Instagram Story.

That being said, Voicemod has the slight edge on number of filters, which may be useful if you want to try out many different sounds.

I want to share on Social Media (Android)

Android Winner: Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder Runner up: Voice changer with effects

While the quality of the Android voice changer apps are not nearly as high as on iOS, there are a couple that are reasonably solid. We give the top prize on Android to Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder for its ease of use and design.

  • Ease of use. Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder was the easiest to use due to its speed and design. The app overall feels more solid, especially when comparing to apps on iOS.
  • Social Integration. Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder has solid integration with Line Messenger, Whatsapp, and Wechat. Great if you’re on Line Messenger, Whatsapp, or Wechat, but less convenient if you’re using social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

While Voice changer with effects works very simply, we give the nod to Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder for sharing to Social Media on Android.

I want to troll my friends on Fortnite

Winner: Voicemod Runner-up: None

Fornite is one of the most popular games in the world. Besides the game itself, half the fun is meeting up with your friends and chatting with them using your voice. Voicemod is so much better than the competition that we can’t recommend anything else 😄

  • Deep integration with Discord. Discord is the best place to hang out if you’re a gamer, and Voicemod’s integration with Discord helps take your Fortnite trolling to the next level.
  • Real-time voice changing. When you’re gaming - whether it’s PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground), Apex Legends, LOL (League of Legends), Minecraft, GTA V or Fortnite - you want your trolling to be in real time. Voicemod provides this real time voice-changing, which is a huge plus.

I’m concerned about safety and privacy, and want to conceal my voice.

Winner: Wavechat Runner-up: None

If you’re worried about your privacy or safety, you may want to conceal your voice. Maybe you don’t want your voice cloned, or you’re using privacy messaging apps like Signal or Telegram. For privacy and safety, we again give the edge to Wavechat.

  • Transcription. Wavechat is the only voice messenger we found with full featured transcription, including editing the transcription or removing it all together.
  • No sharing of images. Wavechat is the only easily sharable voice messaging app that didn’t require your camera to be turned on. While others such as Voicemod can have the camera pointed away from your face, we weren’t comfortable without the option to turn it off completely.

So whatever your reason you may want to change your voice - sharing on social media, being privacy and safety aware, or just trolling your friends on Fortnite - there are some great options available.


Dennis Stücken
Co-Founder @wavechatme, @tokendaily, @aspirantic, Product Maker, Deejay 😎✌🏼