Record and share micro podcasts
w/ your friends

Wavechat is the Snapchat for voice!

No time to share elaborate pictures, but still want to report in? Use Wavechat to record 60 seconds voice recording that can be turned into a mini podcast with voice filters
Add it to your story - or send as a private message.

Wavechat App Screens

Audio Filters

A better way to broadcast

Wavechat is also a perfect editor for making awesome Instagram and Snapchat stories! Try out the App now and send us some Stories 🤗 Invite your friends to unlock more voice filters! 🕺🏻💃🏼

  • Voice Recordings

    Use Wavechat to send creative voice messages to your friends and share stories in the form of a short podcast.

  • Transcriptions

    Automatically transcribe your voice - no caption needed.

  • Audio Filters

    Change your voice using one of Wavechat’s filters.

  • Be Creative

    Add a selfie, a cool background color, emojis, or use our draw tool to create your own Wavechat masterpiece.

  • Social Sharing

    Share on any social platform, including Snapchat or Instagram, or send privately via text or Whatsapp.

  • Video Generation

    Save to your Camera Roll, and show your friends and family in person.